About Us

The Swift Centre is a charity based in Plaistow, east London. We seek to develop the potential of all the young people who come to the centre and do this through the various mediums of open youth work, sport, performing arts, outdoor adventure activities, camps and expeditions.

Our activities are the means by which we develop appropriate relationships with the young people who come to the club. It is largely through these relationships that we help young people to grow. The majority of of Board of Management were young people at the youth club or in the preceding uniformed organisations, (10 out of 15); Most of our Board are active volunteers at the centre (12 out of 15).

The youth work at the centre began under the auspices of the neighbouring church and this link continues to be important to us (12 of the 15 Board members are also members of the church or have familial or other links to the church).

The Swift Centre became an independent charity in 2009 and we seek to affirm the value of all young people who are welcomed at the centre regardless of faith or its absence. It is a centre in which the members are multi-ethnic and multi-faith.

The latest annual report and accounts can be found at:


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