Past Winners

Imogen Dickson

Age: 17

Imogen has been an enthusiastic and reliable member of the club and particularly with regard to the performing arts. She was a member of the 2011 Glee Club and took a leading role in our pantomime.

Grant has been used for: Stage lights.

Alex Okoampo

Age: 17

Alex has brought together individuals to create a Glee Club and has been the driving force behind their attendance and rehearsals.

Grant has been used for: Food, drinks and videoing for the Glee Club Challenge entry.

Aratope Ajose

Age: 18

Aratope has been a regular part of our volunteer group and has shown a willingness to support projects on a regular basis and on one-offs, like the jubilee party.

Grant has been used for: Activity day at annual camp.

Fatima Biggs

Age: 18

Fatima has developed an idea and worked with staff to hone it and which we will begin in September. The idea is to change a normal club night into a session structured entirely around performing arts and which will include song/music, drama/acting, poetry/rap, fashion/garment making and which we hope to develop into a scheme to explicitly develop employment skills.

Grant has been used for: 2 sewing machines.

Lance Scott

Age: 16

Lance has begun to take on leadership of games sessions. He has shown a maturity of attitude, an awareness of the needs of the members and the needs for safety in the hall. He has shown mature and confident leadership in which he has responded to challenges with a quiet confidence and willingness to explain his reasoning to members.

Grant has been used for: Residential weekend.

Amazigh Laoudi

Age: 15

Amazigh has begun to develop a real sense of leadership and has shown a positive ability to support and encourage younger members.

Grant has been used for: Activity Day at Lambourne End.

Amahleke Reid

Age: 20

About four years ago Amahleke raised the idea of having a talent showcase at the Swift. He persisted. This paid off and we launched the first Newham’s Got Talent. This was put together by a group of friends from the Swift and had 20 or so performers in 10 acts. In the second year there were a similar number, but the organizing team expanded to include more girls. We ran the event again in 2011 by which time Amahleke had progressed for key organiser to become one of the judges.

Grant has been used for: camera equipment.

Amma Appiah

Age: 17

Amma is a key member of the club and is full of ideas and enthusiasm. This award is to recognize the work she has put into organizing and planning for the Christmas events.

Grant has been used for:

Ellie Doak

Age: 14

Ellie is one of the younger members and has impressed all of us with her very positive attitude to both the club and to life. She engages with enthusiasm and is willing to try anything. She is a member of or young volunteer team (she recently helped at the neighboring church where we supported the bells restoration; Ellie was a part of the history art project that sketched the bells and visited the IWM to research WW1, she also escorted guests to the bells restoration event and impressed them with her courtesy and knowledge). She is a role model for her peer group.

Grant has been used for: Go-Carting day.

Ola Ojuko

Age: 17

Ola has been the inspiration behind and the driving force in setting up a Glee Club. Although we are planning to participate in the Glee Club Challenge, Ola has been working on this for some months before hand. She organized the auditions to which initially 18 young people attended, has promoted the club (there are now some 50 or so young people registered on Facebook) and has been the encourager through the process.

Grant has been used for: The money was used towards outfits for glee club participants in competitions.

Andan Anderson

Age: 19

Andan has been one of the members who have helped to set up and run the cycling club (Bike Newham). He has taken a leading part in the route planning, regular training and leading cycling events for young people of between 20-40 miles.

Grant has been used for: Bike Europe 2 August 2011.

Simeon Burnett

Age: 19

Simeon has been an exceptional volunteer. He has been involved in youth work at the Swift since he was under 10 years of age. Now at 19 he regularly, two or three times a week, helps with the youth club, with sports and with performing arts activities. He is putting back to a new generation, what he has received in terms of youth work from others.

Grant has been used for: Football equipment.

Victoria Dexter

Age: 16

Victoria has chosen to help at the youth group for 10-13s and volunteers there every Friday during term time. She supports by organising games and helping with art work and on trips. She is seen by the younger group as a friendly, helpful, cheerful and supportive volunteer.

Grant has been used for: art and craft materials.

Hayden Lawrence

Age: 19

Hayden has wanted to develop his singing for some time, but has lacked confidence. With the encouragement of staff at the Swift he has had his first ‘gig’ at a charity fundraiser for the homeless. He has begun to go to ‘open mic’ sessions at a jazz club. This year he participated in the LBN Talent Quest and won his heat singing ballads from the 1940s and 1950s. And went on to perform in the All-Newham finals.

Grant has been used for: Performing arts coaching.

Daniel Cox

Age: 19

Daniel has been a member for about six years. He left school before his peers and with the support of club leaders was interviewed for and succeeded in getting a job as a teaching assistant in a primary school. He is a regular volunteer at the club and was a leading light in the fitness programme, the football team and our annual camp. He also has the worst haircuts of anyone in the club!

Grant has been used for: Decorating materials (paint) for the youth club room.

Matthew Burnett

Age: 19

Matthew had the idea for a pantomime and has written the script and worked to get a group of 20 young people together to perform in the panto which was performed between Christmas and New Year at the Swift Centre.

Grant was used for: costs of new collapsible staging.

Paul Clewett

Age: 19

Paul was a key person in our overseas work-expedition to Zimbabwe in 2010. We went to work with children orphaned by AIDS. Paul was instrumental in developing the contacts and building a partnership with the ZimKids charity. He also wrote the successful bid to the European Youth in Action programme.

Grant was used for: new cycling equipment, (10 new helmets for the Bike Newham cycling group).

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