Performing Arts Club

In January 2013 we launched the new Performing Arts Club on Thursday evenings (6pm-9pm). It is led by Simeon with help from Luke, Alex, Denai, Shannon and Daphen and is spread across four main areas:

  1. Music
  2. Acting
  3. Fashion
  4. The spoken Word


Aim: Ai??To give young artists a chance to record their original work

To help them to set up online video sites

Film a music video for young the artist. To then broadcast video on their online account.

Provide opportunities for performance e.g. at Swift (NGT) Talent Showcase

Activities:Ai??Songwriting, studio time, rehearsals & perhaps some dance routines.Ai??Vocal production by either singing or rapping.

NB. We have permission to convert one of the ground floor rooms at the Swift into a small studio and we will be raising the funds to do this.


Activities: acting, filming, stage setting, script writing & performing with the aim of one full production each year.

Aims: Produce a drama, comedy or episode to perform these. Ai??To film name brand cialis. it and broadcast it on social networks.


Create designs on old/new clothes to sell or keep.

Activities: T-shirt printing, sewing, designs sketches & catwalks.

Aims: learn how depakote reviews, clomid reviews. to use sewing machine’s in the process of making their own designs.

Gain some experience in selling own aurochem. products if interested. Present designs for the swift showcase (catwalk). We may develop T Shirts as a business.


Provide support for creatively using the spoken word and this will be done by a series of informal workshops.

We Aim is to perform something from all of these groups at the annual buy wellbutrin xl in uk. Swift (NGT) TalentAi?? Showcase.

Members will be encouraged to upload and engage with social network sites created by the youth the swift club, to promote the swift & youth performances.

E.g. YouTube, twitter, soundcloud

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