Newhamai??i??s Got Talent

This is the umbrella name to our performing arts work, most of purchase zoloft, purchase Zoloft. which is led by our members.

NGT began as a talent show which was the idea of Amahleke, one of our members who got together a group of young people, who worked with actor Darren Hart to decadron 60 pills 1 mg buy paypal. organise and run the first show in 2009.

It has had several different forms. The first two shows (2009-10) drew in acts from across Newham and were staged locally. In 2011 the NGT team organised the Talent Quest as part of Ai??Newham Councilai??i??s preparation for The Mayorai??i??s Show. In 2012 the summer term closed with a Talent cialis_2.5_mg_online. Showcase giving the chance to members of the Swift Centre to sing, dance, rap, play the piano etc. (use some of the photos)

NGT has also been the vehicle for our productions. In 2010-11 we put on a contemporary Aladdin, helped by Faith Drama. This ran for six performances over Christmas and New Year. It was the idea of one of our members, Matthew Burnett who co-wrote the pantomime. (Jemai??i??s links)

NGT has also seen the development of two Glee Clubs, Cadence and Resonance. Cadence took third place in the Jack Petchey Glee Club Challenge 2011.


NGT is now the host of our performing arts group which meets on Thursdays and provides opportunities to try drama, singing, music, spoken work as well as costume making /design, compra online cialis generico. lighting and sound work.

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