NGT 2009

For several years Darren Hart has been working with cialis 5 mg daily dose. a group of young people from the Swift developing drama. This has been a partnership with Brampton Manor School and Darren has come to use via the Actorsai??i?? Workshop. Darren worked closely with the group to bring Newhamai??i??s Got Talent to fruition.

Newhamai??i??s Got Talent was an idea of Amahleke Reidai??i??s and was put together by a team of young people from the Swift Friday Night Club drama group. The team consisted of Amahleke Reid, Andan and Jamaal Anderson, Simeon Burnett, Munya Chidakwa, Daniel Cox, Kieren Curran, Kevin Kiruthi, and Hayden Lawrence.

The volunteer helpers were: Andan and Jamaal buy brand name flagyl online. Anderson (Host/Performer), Simeon Burnett (Host/Performer), Munya Chidakwa (sound), Daniel Cox (Host/Performer), Josh Dexter (Lights), Jamie Dungo, Kevin Kiruthi (sound), Julian Lamothe (steward), Hayden Lawrence(Host/Performer), Mark Lyong (Steward), Liam McEneany (Host/Performer), Amahleke Reid(Host/Performer), Adam Sell (Lights), Shola Oyedokan (steward), Sandra Wilson (sales) and Toby Bello (steward).

They were supported by the following: Yvonne Fletcher (photos), Jill McWilliam (Sales), Clive Furness (Front of House), Mark Janes (Backstage), Jayne (Steward) zomax antibiotique. and Luke Bazeley (video), Lesley Wildman & Tyrone Reid (Food). Thanks to all of them.

Over 200 people attended Newhamai??i??s Got Talent on Friday 17th April with some 30 performers. There were 11 acts ranging from dancers, R&B singers, Gospel singers, rap poets, MCs, and a folk singer. It was a night in which, unusually, the dancers saw greater success than the vocal artists. Prizes were given out by buy zoloft online, buy Zoloft online. the Deputy Civic Ambassador for Newham, Cllr Paul Sathianesan. Overall Best Performance Prize went to ai???Goldrushai??i?? with an outstanding and acrobatic dance performance. Achievement Awards went to another dance group, ai???Kamikazeai??i?? and dancer, Liliana Tavares. A Special Achievement Award went to folk singer Naomi Scarlett for her performance of one of her own compositions.

The ai???Hostsai??i??;
Darren Hart, Jamaal Anderson, Simeon Burnett, Daniel Cox, Hayden Lawrence, Liam McEneany & Amahleke Reid.

The performers were:

Isaac Hope: Solo singer Isaac Hope, peformed a Gospel number
Kamikaze ( Adeola Adebusi, Gian Marco Dela Guz, Loi Xuan Ly, Rico Dela, B Triveoli, Christopher jasmine) performed an energetic streetdance routine.
Fly Soldiers (Roderick Eneh, Andrew Egbunike, Errrol Anderson, Fedelis Anderson): Performed an MC/Rap number
Liliana Tavares did an amazing solo dance performance.
Naomi Scarlett: Performed her own composition, ai???All the Poemsai??i??.
Sylvia Ideh & Daniel Davies sang ai???Slow Motionai??i??.
Chido Chidawkwa: performed her own powerful rap/poem
Ismail Mahmood; wowed the audience with his rendition of ai???Heroai??i??
Blessed Moments: (Andan Anderson & Rex Kumi) Rap artists Andan and Rex ai??i??ai??i??
Lethisia Kibiedi : gave a great rendition ofBeyonceai??i??s ai???Haloai??i??.
Goldrush (Theo, Tyrone & Delase): Performed a vibrant and gymnastic dance routine

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