NGT Pantomime 2010

A project funded by the British Council

Christmas 2010 The Swift put on six public pantomime performancesAi?? of Aladdin.

Five young people will head the implementation of a drama programme at The Swift Centre, London, with the ultimate aim of including socially excluded young purchase suhagra cheap. people in positive and expressive activity.

It will provide the opportunity for approximately 30 young people to take part in sixteen weeks of drama schooling at The Swift Centre in order to raise self esteem, explore cultural identities and develop a range of skills, a number of which will directly improve employability. This will culminate in a series of self-directed high quality public performances around Christmas time where they will demonstrate the progress they have made both in terms of acting and event planning. The performances will also take place in the Swift Centre, with the young people involved responsible for the show in its entirety: dramatical performance and event management.

The production they work towards will be an adapted play that incorporates traditional elements from pantomime, yet focuses on the real life issues of young people cialis generics. in the area; bringing young people from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds together for the common good of their community. This will challenge participants and local audiences to address local problems creatively and with renewed motivation.

This production will be funded through the British Council and the European Youth in Action Fund (1.2 Youth For Europe: Youth Initiatives). To find out more please follow the link. Alternatively, contact us and we’ll be more than happy to assist youAi??with any questions or inAi??securing funding for your own project.

The pantomime was a great experiance for our young people here is what one of our young people said about the pantomime,

Ese Akpobi (actor in the pantomine)

”The pantomime allowed myself and many others to build on our confidence. The Swift Centre has always encouraged stepping upAi??and achieving. Whether pamabrom vs lasix. it be through performance or volunteering, there is always support provided to Swift members Ai??and it is welcoming to the general community.

The pantomime was an purchase zoloft, purchase Zoloft. amazing experience. I had the opportunity to play multiple characters and the whole process felt like I was in a professional theatre environment. We had rehearsals which lasted 8 hours and did 6 shows. I thouroughly enjoyed every minute of it and would love to do it again!”

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