Leadership Programme

In 2006 we began to offer club members a chance to participate in the leadership programme. About a dozen members motilium without a perscription. completed the first programme.

The where does alli simpson shop. content changes slightly from one course to the next because some important parts are generated by the participants.

The clomid dosage for men. age range of our first course was from 13-20 years.

The course is very buy zoloft online, buy Zoloft online. interactive and requires participants to think and engage with it.

It aims to do buyclomidonlaine.com/buy-nolvadex-online/ the following:

  1. Get participants to think about what leadership skills are, who has them, how are they demonstrated, who have they seen use leadership skills and when has it been done well or badly.
  2. Identify which sklls are appropriate in different settings
  3. Recognise that every leaderAi??has a ‘style’ of leadership and reflect on their owwn ‘style’
  4. Meet with people who are recognised leaders and examine the principles that guide them and the styles that they adopt. We met with the Mayor of Newham Sir Robin Wales and West Ham MP, Lyn Brown amongst others.
  5. Introduce working as a group or a committee, with each member taking on a role and having a function to perform
  6. Giving that committee aAi??task to perform, ‘design an activity, recruit people to it, run it’. This was done over several weeks and included running a football tournament, organising the painting of a room in the youth club and organising games at the annual club camp.
  7. At each stage participants were encouraged to reflect upon what they had done, what had worked well or not worked at all and what they could do differently if they were do do it again.
  8. The conclusion was a reflection on leadership, the course and Kipling’s poem ‘If’.

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