Lavenham 2010

Setting up Camp 2010

2010 saw Camp head to Lavenham in Suffolk.Ai??With the ‘Man Points’ competition from previous years now banned (health celebrex buy. and safety gone mad – or maybe not), the senior boys needed a new way to compete. What better way than a friendly bit of wrestling?

Amahleke and Jamaal in a friendly embrace

Camp Olympics had its usual recipe of new and imaginative games. The mainAi??ingredientAi??this year appeared to be flour, mixed thoroughly with campers.

Ola covered in flour

The farmer who lent us the field was kind enough to offer a tour of the farm. After looking buy estrofem online. around the grain stores, fields, and other interesting bits of farm the group got a lift in a trailer towed by a tractor down to the biggest puddle in Suffolk (probably), which the group were clearly transfixed by.

The group stare at a pond

Trips out to the beach at Lowestoft and the activity centre went extremely well with the order dapoxetine, order lioresal. exception of the weather and the air ambulance. Not one single person was sunburnt (although the swimmers risked hypothermia), and Georgie recovered overnight to take on the quad bikes again.

The nightwalk turned out to take just a little longer than expected, with two teams returning as dawn broke. A WW2 bunker provided a suitably scary location for the teams to defuse a bomb and rescue a hostage from.

Nightwalk 2010

Clive worked hard as C.O. throughout the week to ensure the smooth running of Camp, barely taking even a short break to catch his thoughts.

Clive flat out

As always the week ended with the ever entertaining Camp Concert and prize giving.

Camp Concert 2010

With Camp over a record number of buglers in recent memory sounded the official end of Camp, until 2011!

Buglers signal the official end of Camp 2010

Thanks to Tim and Matt buy pink viagra. C for the photos above. Even more below.

About an hour’s worth of effort condensed down to 1 minute…


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