Ethiopia 2002

Our first international trip of modern times, a 3 week visit to nizoral canada. Ethiopia working with Habitat for Humanity.

Writing a review in 2010, 8 years after the event, proves to be more challenging than anticipated, therefore some of the details in this are vague to say the least!Ai?? Any input from those with better memories or digital cameras (not Ian) is welcome

Approximately several people travelled, flying into Addis Ababa and spending a day or two there, taking in the sites of Africa’s largest market, tasty Ethiopian cuisine, and friendly street kids who duly stole Ian’s camera.

There are recollections of Ian staying up well into night desperately trying to flush recently used toilet, one-legged men scaring Tim, Tim breaking windows (or was that the last night?). More details may emerge about these events but for now they remain in the hazy mists of time.

After experiencing the capital the group moved to the village of Debra Zeit to begin the project.Ai?? Our work consisted mostly of digging sewage systems and foundations for a few days the group travelled to a volcanic Lake somewhere else in Ethiopia for much needed rest and relaxation.Ai?? The geysers were one of the highlights, as for some reason be blasted in the face with egg-sulphur smelling steam seems to be cialis international shipping. an experience people enjoy and are willing to pay for!

The group, being cheap, took the rizatriptan benzoate high. cheap option of taking pieces of volcanic rock as souvenirs for family and friends.Ai?? Unfortunately these were duly confiscated by customs at Addis Ababa airport for the return flight, who were adamant that the rock should stay in Ethiopia.

The group returned to England with their minds enriched, having learnt many things, from the amazing African culture, to the poverty some people in the world live in, to dapoxetine online, lioresal online. why there are very few Ethiopian take-aways on the streets of London.

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