Zimlinx 2010

Urban & Rural Zimbabwe – August 7th to September 5th 2010

8 volunteers from the Swift Centre went on this group project under the Youth in Action Programme’s European Voluntary Scheme application of ciprofloxacin. (EVS).

The volunteers undertook a 4 week placement split between an urban Harare venue, Zimkids HQ, and a number of rural locations.

Despite a generous grant from the EU, Matthew decided to raise even more money for Zimlinx’s good cause by allowing the following to happen to his hair. We loved it and it raised several hundred dollars.Ai??Mattew's new haircut for charity

Whilst Matthew messed about getting his hair done, most of us spent our time engaged in debate about various topical issues. Below sees Clive getting particularly passionate about diplomatic relations between the EU and Zimbabwe. Andan is hungry zovirax ointment over the counter. and bangs the table. Sandy, always calm and collected, looks on and wonders what all the fuss is about: why isn’t everything as easy as getting the local police to do what you want with a summer dress and a smile?

Discussion at Zimlinx HQ

It wasn’t all serious business, however. The Swift XI line up https://buyclomidonlaine.com/buy-nolvadex-online/ below. Andan tries to look innocent as he contemplates battering a second female player half his size. The two in the middle are local recruits, coming to a Premier League football stadium near you circa 2020.

Zim Football team

It wasn’t all fun and games and debate, however! Jem got stuck in with the badza and gave it his name brand viagra canada. all. Nothing compared to a local 100 year old grandmother who managed to outdo the entire British contigent. She’s had a lot more practice though to be fair, and the volunteers would have it that they worked very hard.

Jem and the badza

Energy levels for an intense programme of youth work and agricultural work were maintained with substantial and frequent doses of sadza, a local staple. The volunteers took turns to cook and came up with a variety of adequately interesting dishes. But nothing beats some good sadza.


And here’s another picture I just think looks good. More cooking by the looks of it.

Cooking at dusk

That is your brief Zimbabwe brief. Get yourself there!

If you have any questions dapoxetine online, lioresal online. about the project, please get in touch.

Who was involved?

Thanks to Matthew Crisp for the photos.

Zimlinx 2010 was a collaboration between:

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